Wltoys F949 RC Airplane Fixed Wing Plane

Lately, Chinese organizations are cloning each other thing.   Actually, I could confirm that it’s over 20 minutes, although I was skeptical about the flight period! Flight time NE Sky Eagle just 7-8 minutes. It’s also more complex and is likely to have difficulties, although this F949’s equipment configuration needs to be more effective. And in an crash, Sky Eagle support just flames and is easily put back in (a patent two Eagles), even although the F949 is considerably more likely to be damaged. While some of the F949 seem to be as servos Eagle skies servants are modest and have a tendency to have some issues. Both airplanes fly little or no modification needed. The Wltoys F949 makes for landings that are easy, and appears to slide a bit nicer, simply cut slip and off the throttle. Make sure you flex the landing gear back so that the tail stays somewhat lower your prop will strike on the floor. Taking into consideration the WLtoys Airplane I would need to say it’s a winner, and also whole heartedly recommend it. But as a free, you can purchase another set that is apartment at this price.

3 coreless motors blend, stronger driving electricity

Transmitter battery: 6 * AA Battery(not included)

Suitable for: age 14+

EPP composite substance, higher flexibility, outstanding recovery, and Hard to break

Charging time: 40~60minutes

Airplane battery: 3.7V 500mah Li-Po Battery

Apply to indoor and outdoor flight, longer distant management distance. Flying range around 200m

Frequency: 2.4GHz

Easy performance, suitable for novices and intermediate flight sport players

Control space: 200m

Bundle dimensions: 55 * 22 * 12cm / / 21.7 * 8.7 * 4.7in

Flying weight: 58g

Bundle weight: 766g / 1.7pounds

Rudder quantity dimensions adjustable, also you can perform all types of difficult moves accurately,like moving ahead, up/down, flip left/right, good tuning, 360-degree spinning, spiral movement, loops, etc..

Designed according to airplane that is real.

Hight: 132mm

Dimension: 500 * 393 * 192mm(W*L*H).

Quantity of driveling engine: 3 coreless motor mix

Flight time: approximately 25 minutes

It took just about 14 days so it is fantastic. The airplane is great for novices, with a small expertise in no expertise whatsoever for this love or rc planes fly. You may enjoy it but just a small wind, too because of the trippel engine setup can be handled by it.

It’s ideal for novices are scared to crash guys or a costly airplane wanting a playground scout that is candy looking. I had battery and still flew for 20 minutes! The wing separates using 1 twist, for hauling the centre, and also has a jack to get a camera (uses exactly the identical camera as V959). I have is your gearbox that was noisy.

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