Quadcopter FPV system Review


Camera attached to some 3-axis gimbal, stabilizes around 2000 vibrations each second

An excellent first individual video (FPV) installation puts goggles before your mind, so all of your driving abilities are applicable. Rather than driving a car a drone is flying throughout the air.

Pair of Propeller

Stabilization: -120 to 35°(pitch), -35 to 35°(roster), -65 to 65°(yaw)


Truth: ±0.02°

Constructed telephone holder of this transmitter and Expert PCB antenna eases WiFi FPV function

Picture maximal size: 4000 * 3000

Wireless Connector

While there are lots of inexpensive drone installations, such as Parrot xiaomi mi drone 4k, these absence crucial part of enjoyable flying – equilibrium. These drones instead of high end drones such as DJI Phantom shake and shake around.

Control space: 4000m

Controllable array: pitch -90° to 0°

Hovers mechanically at the edge of all no-fly zones

ISO array: 100-3200 (movie) 100-1600 (photograph)

Bundle dimensions: 45 * 38 * 17cm / / 17.7 * 15.0 * 6.7in

Max ascent rate: 6m/s

Memory card type: Micro SD (Class10/U1 preceding) 8-64GB

Max elevation above sea level: 120m

Hover precision: ±0.1m (perpendicular), ±1.5m (flat)

Many of quadcopter setups you’d find on Rcmoment are capable of sending video directly to a smartphone with Wifi boosters. The installation is simple to use – simply link to the Drone’s Wifi system and start the rc quadcopter with camera, which handles transmission, whereas control commands are sent by the operating on another group.

Charger Establish

As much as 27mins of flight period by a 15.2V 5100mAh removable battery

Video format: MP4

15.2V 5100mAh LiPO Battery

Optical flow placement help, better to put indoor

GPS and glonass service for true positioning outside

Became, also there is nothing quite like exploring a new location in novel ways an inexpensive means to explore locations. Small, nimble and mobile drones using 4 propellers (quadcopters) are capable of transporting little cameras in the atmosphere, feeding live video in your goggles or phone.

You fly the drone, you find out exactly what it sees and also find a immersive perspective on fascinating places from the atmosphere.

English Guide

Classification of end resistance: 4

Picture format: JPEG

Max rate: 18m/s

Bundle weight: 4475g / 9.9pounds

The weakness of the setup is reduced brightness of mobile device’s display. The display is too small to find a fix on the position, while restraining a quadcopter. Oops! An overcast sky is a huge number of times brighter than the display that is Smartphone, causing your eyes. It appears too dim to make the attributes out if you return your gaze back into the display. It’s possible to lessen this annoyance by functioning from the shade and focusing on the display.

USB Cable

Autopilot Alternatives, Automated take-off and landing, waypoint flight route planning, tap to fly on map, circle a thing on the floor

Brand gift box bundle

Gimbal with Camera

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