How Proper Assessment Of Your Case Reveals True Accident Attorney Value

When you hire a personal injury lawyer the real accident attorney value comes into play when you find out how the lawyer will do everything to get a favorable judgment for your case, including a good compensation for your injuries.

Remember that most of these cases will be settled out of the courtroom primarily because going through litigation is a very costly process.

Most personal injury lawyers are in favor of reaching a good settlement over courtroom battles.

In order to find out the true accident attorney value, you need to understand how one processes his thoughts and strategy. It will also be best to understand what’s the fair value for your personal injury case.

Understanding Damages

In a personal injury case, damages refer to the losses your incurred and injuries you have to endure. The damages will be the primary basis on doing the math on how to properly compensate you.

When you speak of damages, one should look into non-economic and economic damages. There can also be punitive damages that are purely to make it difficult for the negligent party, but most of the time, punitive damages are not included when computing for settlement amount.

Economic Damages. These are the financial losses that you can directly blame on the accident and the resulting injuries. This portion is easy to compute especially if you document your spending and losses .

Non-Economic Damages. When you talk of compensation, this is not limited to the physical injuries you have suffered. You also need to consider any psychological or emotional suffering that you had to go through.

Computing for non-economic damages is not as easy as computing for the economic damages. You need to combine some good research and honest assessment. The accident attorney value is essential because the lawyer’s experience will help you give a realistic picture and expectations when it comes to compensation.

How To Frame A Demand

Once you have discussed the details of the case and the potential damages for your injuries, your personal injury lawyer will craft a demand letter.

When it comes to demand letters, they always come with some space for negotiations. So, you need to give your numbers some margin for this and have a higher amount compared to your acceptable bottom line.

Once your demand letter has been received, the insurance company will negotiate 101 percent of the time. This is normal as the coverage provide of the other party involved will try to cut their spending and try to weaken your case so the settlement amount will be a lot lower.

Depending on the strengths of your evidence and case itself, the counter offer of the insurance company or the other party might be a lot lower than what you originally asked for.

The negotiation process can involve several phone calls between personal injury lawyers, mediators, or even judges. The value you impose upon your case will help dictate the negotiations and a good personal injury lawyer can help you do it properly so you get what you want in the end.

What’s The Real Value Of Your Case

You are in a very tough situation following an accident. No matter how much you ask for in order to recover your losses, always keep in mind that you might need to compromise in the end. What matters most is that you present a strong case so the liability of the party at fault will be crystal clear.

What’s the real accident attorney value? Browse through our blogs at and find out more what goes on during a personal injury case and how lawyers can help you.

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