Increase your performance level with the power pill

Originally produced by a Swiss Pharmaceutical Company, Ciba, Methandrostenolone was initially introduced for gaining muscle mass and strength. Later came to be known as Dianabol, this compound became widely popular in the bodybuilding and athletic community for its ability to improve the body’s capacity to retain nitrogen, essential for the cells to produce increased amount of protein and muscle volume. This compound has proven effects on the body to gain lean muscle mass, physical strength and increase in stamina levels. The presence of his compound in the bloodstream provides a notable increase in insulin levels thereby resulting in a soothing effect on the liver.

During period of extreme stress this compound synthesizes RNA in the body which helps to keep the stress level within limits, thereby increasing appetite and a relaxed feeling. Bodybuilders who engage in regular strict exercise routine can use this compound to recover quickly after a strenuous workout session. However, knowing the proper method of administration and following a proper cycle will help to produce the desired outcome for the user.

Legally purchasing from the market

Labelled as a Schedule III controlled substance, the Dianabol cannot be purchased without the presentation of a proper medical certificate. In order to obtain such a certificate from a medical practitioner, there has to be a valid medical reason that demands the use of such substance. Despite its complicated legal status in the US, there are millions of users who are willing to risk the legislation for controlled substance to experience the anabolic-androgenic properties of this compound. Whether this supplement is sold in the underground market or the physical market, there are many fake manufacturers who market duplicate products with a view to earning windfall profits and meet the increasing market demand.

Opting for the right form

Methandrostenolone has proved to be an effective anabolic compound for off-season bulking and hence is more popular among performance athletes. The basic reason for opting for this product is its fast and effective working mechanism on the system of the user as also the ability to control its effects quite easily. However, choosing the right form of the compound is the key to experiencing the desired outcome. This compound is available in both tablet and liquid form though the liquid version has faded out of popularity due to the sanitary issues involved.

The oral pills are quite effective and extremely comfortable to administer even though some professional bodybuilders and athletes choose the injectable version. Those who opt for the oral tablet form will find it commonlyavailable n 5mg to 10mg ranges. But the oral form takes time to produce the desired impact as it needs to travel through the intestine to the liver and finally to the muscles. On the other hand, injectable Dbol emits quick results as it is directly injected into the muscle tissues. Moreover, it has mild effects on the liver. However, customers should be aware of many fake manufacturers who tend to market their products claiming them to be original.


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